Roxboro Heating and Air is a premier HVAC company in Roxboro, NC. Together Carl and Mary have owned Roxboro Heating & Air since 1997, and Carl has over 40 years of experience in the field. Their time in the field shows their commitment to efficient and effective heating and air solutions, and moreover their devotion to positive customer service.

Their hands-on experience in the field of heating, especially, helps them provide all types of heating systems like heat pumps, gas packs, gas and electric and oil furnaces, and duel-fuel and duct-less mini-systems. it is their extensive knowledge of oil heat and boiler systems for steam and hot water that puts them at the height of the industry.

In North Carolina, we all depend on our AC to keep us cool during those hot summer months. But, how can you possibly keep cool when the power goes out? Here are some tips from to help you out:

  1. Cover your windows to keep your house cool. Close your blinds and use black out curtains if you have them. If you don’t have black out curtains, you can make make-shift curtains out of blankets and towels.
  2. Invest in some battery operated fans. They can help you to cool down even when you don’t have power in the home.
  3. Keep cool with water. You can fill a spray bottle with cool water or wet a washcloth or bandana to put around your forehead. This will instantly make you feel cooler.
  4. Sleep downstairs. We have all heard the saying “heat rises,” and there is truth to this saying. Sleep on the lower level of your home to keep cooler.

With North Carolina in the middle of hurricane season, some people will begin to experience power outages. As an HVAC company, we want to help you keep cool at Roxboro Heating and Air.

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