If you happen to have an HVAC Emergency during your leisure time, you can call HVAC Roxboro, NC and they will help you install, manage, and maintain your heating and cooling unit.

Lots of people spend summertime and wintertime in the comfort of their home, which is hard to do without a HVAC system that works, is efficient, and is easy to maintain.

Rather than attempt to fix your HVAC unit yourself and potentially make matters worse, rely on our professionals to help you cool back down or heat back up. Since it is still summer, we developed a list of some of the most common air conditioning emergencies based on advice and information from national experts in the industry. Here is what we found:

Common Air Conditioning Emergencies Include:

  • Improper Maintenance: It really is that simple. If you do not take care of your HVAC Unit, it may just fail you. Proper maintenance includes keeping your air conditioning coils clean, so that your compressor and fans continue to work. Contact HVAC Roxboro, NC to learn more about our HVAC Emergency Service.
  • Refrigerant Leaks: Believe it or not, adding refrigerant to a leaking AC unit is not a solution. In these cases, it is actually best to hire a HVAC Roxboro, NC technician that can fix the leak, test the repair, and charge your AC with the correct amount of refrigerant it needs to run again. Otherwise, you risk your home becoming a threat to the environment and no one wants that!
  • Sensor Issues: The AC in your rooms operates with a sensor feature, which is located behind the control panel. Whenever the sensor is out of its position your AC will misbehave. It could cycle continuously, or become unfixed. To fix a sensor issue at home, you can carefully move its wire away from the coil that holds it in place.
  • Drainage Problem: When it is humid outside, your air conditioning may not drain correctly. With our new HVAC Roxboro, NC new installation service, however, you will not have to worry that your HVAC unit is unmounted to cause drainage problems.
  • Electric Control: If you have an oversized AC unit, be sure your fan does not give out. The more frequent your AC turns on and off, the more likely it could lose electric control. During your maintenance call, let HVAC Roxboro, NC check your electrical contacts and connections.

Still not sure how to solve the problem? Give us a call today and we will see what we can do!

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