Our certified and professional HVAC Roxboro, NC team knows that you are about to depend on your air conditioning unit a whole lot more. With Summer 2016 temperatures reaching up to 97 degrees, you might want to ensure that your HVAC unit can handle the heat waves.

If you have noticed that your unit has already started rattling and dripping and squealing at 65 degrees, then you may want to contact Roxboro Heating and Air of North Carolina for a Grade A inspection. Our HVAC Roxboro, NC technicians take into consideration your refrigerant, your ducts, your electrical controls, your oil motors, and a number of other important factors that often lead to a broken HVAC unit – especially when we rely on it the most.

Want to cool down this Summer 2022? Let Our Experienced, Qualified HVAC Roxboro, NC Be Your Guide.

Otherwise, you can look for these symptoms on a regular basis to get the most of your AC Unit functions, which we adapted from Energy. Gov, your trusted source for spending energy efficiently and effectively.

  • Be Smart about Your Filters: they are one of the single most important features of any unit, because if they are dirty or clogged, no air – hot or cold – is going to come through for you.
  • Be Smart about Your Coils: these evaporating and condensing technologies catch dirt if they are not cleaned, which also blocks airflow.
  • Be Smart with Your Window Seals: there will also be no air coming into you if the air is being sucked right back outside, which is one of the surest ways to send your electric bill through the roof.

The best way to be smart? Hire a professional HVAC technician in the Roxboro, NC area that knows just what to do with your unit. Get Smart with Your AC Unit with Roxboro Heating and Air Today.

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