Let’s stay on the green team and learn more about the amazing new, advanced technologies that are being highlighted in the HVAC industry. While a bright green future is years away, our HVAC Roxboro, NC team at Roxboro Heating & Air can assist you in saving in the meantime. Has your energy expenditure gotten out of control? Fear not, we carry top brands in the area like Trane and Honeywell to bring you ready-to-install units that will not let you down! Of course, life does happen. With our competitively priced repairs and maintenance checks, you can get the most out of your fighting machine.

HVAC Roxboro, NC Going Green Again

It’s a Duct Wrap: The Greens Company has now a Quiet duct system. It is made of recycled textile and still reduces the loss of hotness that occurs through air-based ducts. It protects from air currents and it is fire proof.

Duel Fuel Pump: it sounds cool, because it is! It combines gas furnace heating with electric heat to maximize comfort inside your home or office. When above 35 degrees, it can provide the kind of warmth that is not too dry for you and your guests or customers to enjoy.

Energy Analysis: energy software has always existed, but newer programs make it simpler and cost-saving for HVAC vacant spaces to be tested before a unit is installed. Notably: our HVAC Roxboro, NC team is happy to help you find the unit that is right for you.

Does any of this information having you looking at your HVAC unit with a longing, green eye of envy? Fear not, these machineries will come sooner or later. Until then, let our HVAC Roxboro, NC team look after your installments, repairs, and maintenance systems. Maybe your HVAC unit is ready to go. May it is time for a new one. The only way to know is to let us take an inspection.

Keep Believing in the Green with Barber Heating & Air.