Fall usually feels like a busier time. Students return to school. Flu shot advertisements take over. Businesses boom from fall savings. There is Halloween. Then, there is the issue of your HVAC System. It is a bit too cool for the AC, but it is not quite time to turn on the heat. So, what do you do? Turn on the air conditioning anyway? Open the windows? Risk doing neither? We have an idea!

The Fall Season is one of the best times to have your HVAC Roxboro, NC system checked with Roxboro Heating & Air. It is the “in between” weather season and it  just before winter, which means it is a great moment to make sure your HVAC is ready to go before snow (if we are lucky!) hits the ground.

Our HVAC Roxboro, NC Check-Up Includes the Maintenance and Installation of:

  • Steam and hot water boilers
  • Oil furnaces
  • Mini-split, ductless systems
  • Whole-House humidifiers
  • High efficient, eco friendly air filter systems
  • and Warm air zone systems!

If it happens that any of these systems need replacement, we can help! We specialize in these areas as well as the installation of newer HVAC Systems that are sure to last you even more years. There is no need to second guess whether or not your HVAC Roxboro, NC system will fail you come much colder days. Just compare the cost of repair to the cost of installation. You can save time, money, and energy with our top brand-name equipment.