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About HVAC Roxboro 

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Named the 2015 Best Business of Roxboro, NC in the Area of Heating and Air

Carl has 40 years experience in the industry, but together Carl and Mary have owned Roxboro Heating & Air since 1997. Their time in the field shows their commitment to efficient and effective heating and air solutions, and moreover their devotion to positive customer service. Their hands-on experience in the field of heating, especially, helps them provide all types of heating systems like heat pumps, gas packs, gas and electric and oil furnaces, and duel-fuel and duct-less mini-systems.Indeed, it t is their extensive knowledge of oil heat and boiler systems for steam and hot water that puts them at the height of the industry.

Carl, with 40 years experience in the HVAC industry, helps ensure that Roxboro Heating & Air provides quality HVAC Roxboro service through technicians that are always credible and always courteous.

In order to keep their prices affordable, their service calls are “Cash on Delivery,” which means you only pay when the product gets delivered to you. What products? Well, only some of the best in the heating and air industry like Armstrong, Carrier, Goodman, Honeywell, and more! Also note that they provide maintenance support for everything they sell.

Our Helpful Hints:

Have your unit serviced yearly. This is just as important as changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, because it helps you avoid your unit going out on the hottest day of summer or the coldest day of winter.

Change your filters monthly. This keeps air flowing smoothly and helps to avoid build up of dirt on the coils.

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