There are various kinds of pollutants that our HVAC Roxboro, NC team wants you to look for in Spring 2016. Those of you on Spring break, or who are just returning to the office who want to breathe in fresh, healthy air may want to consider the following information. What can Roxboro Heating & Air do to combat polluted air in 2021? Well, as your leading licensed and certified HVAC Roxboro, NC team in the area, we will do what we can to keep your air filters in your property dust-free, clean, and suitable for your everyday way of living or working. In case you had no idea, airflow systems like ducts or heaters or air conditioners can build up a tremendous amount of dust, mold, and pollen. Every time that your blower fan in your air conditioner whirs around, it distributes these harmful elements throughout your home.

Our HVAC Roxboro, NC Team Wants You to Be Aware that:

  • Dust is a pollutant, because it mostly comes from airborne particles like soil, skin cells, pet cells, carpet fibers, kitchen remnants, household chemicals, bacteria, fungi, and dust mites – all of which can trigger allergies, especially in young children. According to Total Health & Better Health Magazine, one out of six people suffer from allergies because of the direct relationship to dust, bacteria and fungus in their air supply.
  • Mold is a pollutant, because it is a kind of fungi that takes up 25% of the earth’s biomass. It comes from a variety of sources like old fruit, bread, paper and wood products, and from dampened areas. If you have a leaking HVAC unit that needs HVAC Roxboro, NC service promptly, you may notice mold on the nearest wall. Mold can reproduce and lead to create chemical toxins. It also looks bad.
  • Pollen is a pollutant, because is a fine powder that comes from blooming flowers, trees, and other kinds of plants. If you have a whirring fan in your home or office that sits in a window, pollen can trigger allergic reactions that affect your sinus.

Want to Start Removing These Pollutants from Your Air? Make sure your current HVAC unit has all the HVAC Roxboro, NC installations, maintenance, and repairs it needs to do its job most effectively.

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