Name Brands

Our HVAC Roxboro, NC family is pleased to bring you reliable, cost-saving, and air protective HVAC units. They come from the best brands in the HVAC industry. Trane air conditioners and heaters for residential and commercial clients are part of a worldwide movement to promote warm, cool, clean air. Likewise, there is Carrier, a company founded on HVAC systems for your home or office. They represent their performance, quality, responsibility, innovation, and customer care. Our supply of these energy efficient and nationally acknowledged systems does not end there. We also carry Goodman air conditioners and heating units. Goodman supplies you reliable and refreshing units that come under warranty and are easily installable in your home or office. At last, there is Armstrong. They are a worldwide provider of energy efficiency solutions. When you purchase an Armstrong, you are committing to HVAC systems founded on trust and growth.

The Harvest

Thankfully, our HVAC Roxboro, NC closet is in full supply of these systems. These are systems that are able to leave their mark on the world when you press a simple button on your thermostat. We will bet you did not realize the importance of those buttons or the wires and cycles they influence. It is OK. The HVAC is forever changing, forever moving towards more efficient solutions. You can trust these brands to bring you the same quality that they always have. 

When these systems are installed at our hands, you are guaranteed our 19 years experience in the field. We know just how to service these parts as well as install them. Do you want to take part in the 2021 harvest of the season? Invest in worldwide and nationally approved HVAC systems that will have you breathing clean, fresh air inside and out. 

Let Roxboro Heating & Air install your new HVAC unit today. 

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