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Today is the official first day of winter. However, here in NC, many areas have already been experiencing winter weather with the recent snow storm that swept across northern and central NC.
Your HVAC system is essential to your family’s comfort during these cold months. So, you want to make sure that you protect it from the snow and ice that is sure to come around in the next few months.
Here are some tips from Maytag to help you maintain and protect your valuable HVAC system this winter season:
Don’t try to raise your temperature too much too quickly. This will put a strain on your system and cause a big hike in your utility bills. Instead, gradually increase the temperature of your home until it’s comfortable for you and your family.
You will also want to check to make sure that your air filters are clean so that you can get the best airflow into your home to keep you nice and warm.
The most important thing you can do to protect your HVAC system is to have a HVAC professional come to look at your system and make sure is running properly. You should do this before winter weather hits, and after winter is over as well.
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