Is your old HVAC Roxboro, NC unit struggling to keep up with the falling temperatures? Is it huffing and puffing for your attention? There is no reason to let it suffer any longer. You deserve to be comfortable and toasty this winter with a new HVAC unit from Roxboro Heating and Air. We install and service modern brands like Goodman, Broan, Carrier, Armstrong, and Trane to keep your home or office up-to-date in the HVAC industry. 

In addition to winterizing your office and your vehicle, they want to also make sure that you winterize your home. Beyond purchasing backup supplies like batteries, flashlights, blankets, and road salt – you also want to think about insulating your walls, faucets, and windows. Let our professionals help you bring some comfort to your winter wonder land.

New HVAC, New You

If you were to invest in a new (modern) HVAC system, apply these tips to prepare even more. Of course, they also apply to your current HVAC System. You will not only feel the difference, it will change your attitude and keep you in comfort for years to come. The following tips can help you plow through the cold this season.

  • Check Your Filters: you may not see the dust, but trust us – it is there! Dust can prevent your HVAC Roxboro, NC unit from working like it is supposed to Winter 2015. 
  • Test Your Thermostat: on a cool November morning, turn your heat to a mid-Winter setting between 68º to 75°. If it takes to long to heat your home or office, then you might need a HVAC Roxboro, NC technician. 
  • Listen Up: that is, listen to your heater or air conditioner if it is making loud noises at you. Not only will the noise prevent you from sleeping at night, but it may also scare your Thanksgiving visitors away. 

Don’t be left in the cold this this holiday season. If you have HVAC problems and you’re afraid your house might not be the most welcoming to your friends and family because of it, we can assist in bringing the holiday cheer to your home. Confronting these problems now will save you the headache when the weather turns bad after the new year.

With a new HVAC Roxboro, NC unit you could have less of these issues to worry about, but in case anything goes wrong – there is always Roxboro Heating & Air. 

Have a warm winter by finding the right HVAC with Roxboro HVAC today.