The air ducts throughout your home or business have everything to do with you, and the interior and exterior environment around you. If your air ducts are making you sick, which they can if you do not take care of them, then it is highly recommended that you improve your indoor air quality with HVAC Roxboro, NC service from Roxboro Heating and Air.

As part of our daily lives, our heaters and air conditioners spend a lot of time blowing air around to make us feel cool or warm. However, they do their job much better when air ducts can do theirs. For HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installation, be sure to contact Roxboro Heating & Air – your #1 HVAC business in Roxboro, NC.

Why Do Our HVAC Roxboro, NC Techs Think that Air Ducts are Important?

Have you tried to breathe in a very dusty or pollen-filled room or space, respectively? Essentially, your air duct unit is the respiratory system of your home. When it gets stuffed and dirty, it needs a proper cleaning so that it can breathe. If you live in a home where someone has asthma, allergy, or other health related issues, then dirty air ducts are kind of their worst enemy.

You may also want to make sure that your air ducts are cleaned if:

  • Anyone in your home or office smokes
  • Anyone in your family suffers from headaches, or other sinus problems
  • You own a dog, cat, or other pet
  • There is a stale or musty smell in your home
  • You notice dust on your stuff, even after you just cleaned it
  • There is not enough air flow leaving your vents

Of course, air duct cleanings are always good, and so is HVAC Roxboro, NC service. At least ,with a properly working air conditioner, your heater and air conditioner system is not spending its Spring days blowing pet hair, food, dust, and other allergens round and round during the Easter brunch.

Do Your Part for Indoor Air Quality and Contact Roxboro Heating & Air Today.