The Summer Season is now in full swing here and our HVAC Roxboro, NC team is sure you have already turned on your air conditioning unit if you live in the Roxboro, NC area. If you have turned on your AC, without making sure it has been professionally inspected, then make sure you contact Roxboro Heating and Air. Not sure you want to take the time for a proper inspection? Think again. Your AC will show you that it needs our skilled and experienced HVAC technicians.

By not having your HVAC unit inspected by our certified team, you may be spending more in energy costs than you have to pay! And who needs to spend that change when you there is so much to do for Summer 2016 vacationing.

Here’s Some Tips Our Professionals Recommend

  • Leakage: if you have been running your AC nonstop, without ever checking to make sure it can keep up with cooling your space, then it is essential to check for any leaks. Leaks can cause water damage to your floors, which leads to mold damage in your floors and walls, which leads to you spending money on repairs instead of on having fun this summer!
  • Noises: if you cannot enjoy summer movie night, all because your AC is screeching at you from across the room, then there is probably a problem with your HVAC Roxboro, NC unit.
  • Appearance: what better way to know you need a more efficient unit than to take a good look at it. If your AC unit is rusting or falling apart, why not invest in a better, more efficient unit with Roxboro Heating and Air that gets the job done and that you can afford.
Check Your Summer 2016 AC List Off with Roxboro Heating and Air Now.