HVAC Roxboro, NCOur HVAC Roxboro, NC team is going skip right to the chase. It is a new year, which means it is time to end those old habits. We are not talking about your fast food habits or spending habits, we are talking about habits you may not even be aware of. If there came a point last year that your HVAC Roxboro, NC needed back-to-back service, or it shut down and needed replacement – then chances are these resolutions apply to you. If you do not think air quality is super important, think again. Better yet, take it from the American Lung Association on Air Quality. More than 4 out of 10 people in 2015 lived in areas breathing bad air. We all know about air pollution, but it is not until it hits home that we actually care about it.

HVAC Roxboro, NC Wants to Improve IAQ with These Resolutions 

No resolution is “better” than the other one. They all go a long way to protect the air we breathe in and out everyday. 

  1. Check Your Air Filters.  How can your HVAC Roxboro, NC unit filter clean air with dirty filters? It can’t.
  2. Listen to Your HVAC unit. There is a legitimate reason it is making noises at you. Learn what they mean and do something about it. 
  3. Get a Programmable Thermostat. If you want to exercise more control over your thermostat, you can with a HVAC Roxboro, NC technician. 
  4. Do Your HVAC Research. Just because Skippy down the street sells HVAC Roxboro, NC units for cheap, does not mean those systems work. 
  5. Think about Your Energy Bill. OK, so you have kids that game – a lot. They can spike your energy bill, but not your HVAC Roxboro, NC heater. 
  6. Hire HVAC Roxboro, NC Professionals. We know what we are doing at Roxboro Heating & Air. We install and service your machines so that your uncle or Skippy, or even you do not have to. 

Any combination of these factors will set you on the right path to a more cozy, comfortable home. 

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Resolve Your Old HVAC Roxboro, NC Habits Today!